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Javascript Notes: Closure

March 17, 2011 at 6:53 am | Blog | 1 comment


Recently, I am reading some articles and posts on javascript closure, which is an advanced topic in Javascript. And it is not easy to get it. But understanding it is essential to mastering the language. I made some notes on closure, and have a much clearer picture on closure and its usage. I would like to share the notes with all, and if there is some misunderstanding, please help me to improve.

Note 1:

“Whenever you see the function keyword within another function, the inner function has access to variables in the outer function.”



Corporattica Theme Installation Guide

March 14, 2011 at 5:22 pm | Blog | 101 comments


If you are a web designer or a freelancer who wants to have a website, the corporattica is extremely suitable for your case. If you are a newbie to wordpress, don’t be afraid, i am gonna give you a step by step installation guide on using this corporattica theme. It is easy to follow, you will find it really simple. If you have already used Aurelius, you will find this one is even easier, and more flexible than Aurelius. Ok, Are your ready? Let’s rock with corporattica.


First of all, you have a wordpress blog installed. Coporattica is designed for wordpress up to 3.0, as it takes advantages of the new features like menu, custom post etc. If you are using old versions of wordpress, please upgrade to 3 first, or download the latest wordpress from the official website wordpress.org.Then follow wordpress’s famous one click installation steps to install the blog.


A New Free Premium WordPress Theme Corporattica is Ready

March 10, 2011 at 3:47 pm | Blog, Download | 28 comments


This is a clean and simple wordpress theme for business such as corporation, design company, advertising company, etc… Here are the main features:
1.lofslidernews on the pages for Slider show.
2.easy to ues, take advatange of wordpress 3.0 features. easy to use customized menus, and custom post types etc.
3.Cufon for beautiful fonts.
4.timthumb for auto adjusting image sizes.
5. ready to use contact form. Fully working Ajax form with validation on the contact page
6. compatible with almost all main web browsers (ie6-8, FF, Safari, Chrome,Opera)

It is under Creative Commons license. It’s Free!
Enjoy !