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Aurelius 0.3 and Corporattica 0.3 Free to Upgrade

August 25, 2012 at 4:03 pm | Announcement, Blog | 2 comments


to all wordpress theme users who have purchased license from Pengbos.com, the new versions of Aurelius and Corporattica are both released in the store, you are eligible to upgrade to new versions for free. Please comment or send me an email to get the latest version. Pengbos.com listen to your comments, and make improvements always.

The Aurelius new version includes:
1. scrollable blog items in the home page
2. configurable menu
3. configurable navigation items in bellow the blog items section

The Corporattica new version includes:
1. change the slider show to Flexslider which is compatible in almost all web browsers.
2. the three bits items link to contents instead of images.

Enjoy your the new versions.

(the free upgrade is only for license users, free users have to purchase a license in order to use the latest version)