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A New Free Premium WordPress Theme Corporattica is Ready

March 10, 2011 at 3:47 pm | Blog, Download | 28 comments


This is a clean and simple wordpress theme for business such as corporation, design company, advertising company, etc… Here are the main features:
1.lofslidernews on the pages for Slider show.
2.easy to ues, take advatange of wordpress 3.0 features. easy to use customized menus, and custom post types etc.
3.Cufon for beautiful fonts.
4.timthumb for auto adjusting image sizes.
5. ready to use contact form. Fully working Ajax form with validation on the contact page
6. compatible with almost all main web browsers (ie6-8, FF, Safari, Chrome,Opera)

It is under Creative Commons license. It’s Free!
Enjoy !

It is ported from a free css template called corporattica from Solucija, which is a very clean and neat template, you can download the css template from Solucija

Download the deluxe wordpress theme here for free
corporattica v0.1 (Size 543.7 kB)

Check out the demo site here: http://demo.pengbos.com/corporrattica

Installation Guide:

Thanks to Solucija, provide such a clean and neat template, and well manually coded css.
Thanks to land of coder provides lofslidernews jquery plugin Slider show and demo images are from land of coder too.
Thanks to other open source communities like timthumb, cufon, jquery, wordpress etc. Wish the open source communities grow bigger and bigger.

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28 Comments to “A New Free Premium WordPress Theme Corporattica is Ready”

  1. Jack Daniels says:

    Terrific new theme. Could you either post or email the drafted installation guide? I understand it’s not finished, but I’m sure any additional information in there would be useful in setting up the theme.


    admin Reply:

    I have already published the installation guide. thanks.

    JD Reply:

    How speedy! Thanks

  2. Erik says:

    Hi friend…

    I installed your theme corporattica en my wordpress 3.1 and generated troubles, when add a page or something after press the button “Publish” the screen stays in white, that’s is bad because there’s press the browser button “go back one page” for see the changes done in wordpress…

    I think there’s a trouble between wordpress 3.1 and your theme “Corporattica”… is just my words

    Thanks friend for share your theme “Corporattica” is Awesome… Best Regards friend

    admin Reply:

    Hi, I did not see the trouble you described. Could you send me emails on this? I would like to fix the problem, if it really exits.

  3. paula says:

    hi I was wondering how the contact form is implemented.

    admin Reply:

    this question is too general, so the general answer is it is based on ajax. thanks

  4. you got a very good website, Glad I detected it through yahoo.

  5. Matt Collier says:

    Hi, Great looking theme, however is it possible to have multiple portfolio catagories ie 2 different portfolio pages set out in the portfolio theme.


  6. Matt Collier says:

    Yea! Solved it,

    copied category-portfolio.php and renamed it category-portfolio1.php, created a new post assigned with category portfolio1 and viola

  7. Lee says:

    Thanks for this useful theme. I am curious about one seeming omission–where/how is the capability to display tags with posts? Thanks.

    admin Reply:

    you can add widget to sidebars in the admin panel

    Lee Reply:

    Of course! works great. Thanks again–the versatility of this theme is excellent.

  8. Blake says:

    Hi Pengbo’s –

    Really like the Corporattica theme, looked at many, many different ones and this is just perfect for my needs.
    Question : bear in mind I’m new to WP and themes (and programming) so this may be a Homer Simpson type question for you :: is there a method I can use to make the slider pics clickable, to go to the specific page related to the image, without having a “read more” button, or is the theme and build optimised for “read more” type click thrus?
    Not a big problem, just seems a pretty neat way to get to the pages themselves, you know?
    A really awesome them, got to say~

    admin Reply:

    sure, you can. see the following code:

    <a href="<?php the_permalink() ? rel="nofollow">"><img src="<?php bloginfo('template_directory'); ?>/scripts/timthumb.php?src=<?php echo get_post_meta($post->ID, "my_post_image", true) ?>&amp;h=340&amp;w=960&amp;zc=1" title="<?php the_title_attribute(); ?>" /></a>

    copy it and replace the original code with it.
    Thanks for your words Blake

    Marcos Reply:

    Where do I put this code?

    admin Reply:

    I mean to replace this code with image tags like



  9. mike says:

    I was wondering if there was anyway to have the slide show on the front page cycle through the different pages (and you can pick which page) as opposed to the different posts. I’m looking at building more of a static website

    mike Reply:

    also, is there a way to make it so when you switch to the different header styles (such as heading 1) that you can still use apostraphes and other symbols?

    admin Reply:

    I think, it is also doable. You can change the query from post to pages.

  10. yanain says:

    What version of WP I have to use that this theme work? I tried on 3.1.3 and 3.0, in both case i received error, when i tried to a add a new post, home page etc. – Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at ….wp-content/themes/corporattica/functions.php:147) in … /wp-includes/classes.php on line 1601.

    When I pushed “Save” – Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at …/wp-content/themes/corporattica/functions.php:147) in …./wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 890

    admin Reply:

    Hi I have done some changes to my theme, could you please download again and have a try?

  11. Elyse Chambers says:

    Wonderful theme. It’s really terrific looking.

    I just installed it in my WordPress themes but when I went to “Preview” it I got the following error message:
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: term_exists() in /homepages/12/d292627229/htdocs/wp-content/themes/corporattica/functions.php on line 86

    Any thoughts? I really appreciate your help.

    admin Reply:

    this function Since: wordpress 3.0. So what version of wordpress are you using?

  12. Hi,

    Fantastic theme but I cannot seem to figure out why there is no comment box at the end of each post or page. and Simple facebook comments doesn’t seem to work either is there away to make is so viewers can comment on posts?

    Kind regards

    admin Reply:

    Yes it does not support comment yet. You have to modify the theme to enable the comment box.

  13. Mike says:

    Hi, Im having issues getting the feature post part to work with the inmages. I have tried the part on teh right and actualy entering it in teh post but it wont load the image at all. I is in the featured catagory.

    Any help would be great as its for our schools sixthform consortium.



    admin Reply:

    hi Mike,

    it seems that your webhost does not allow timthumb php script. please contact your web hosting company for support.