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Corporattica Theme: Can’t Send Email Bug Fixed

July 27, 2011 at 2:05 am | Announcement, Blog | 4 comments


A Corporattica user reported that the contact form is broken, as he cannot send messages. This is a bug in the js code.

To fix this bug:

1. Just download the theme again, I have already uploaded the fixed version. Replace the theme files with the latest files.

2. You can also fix it by yourself follow the steps:

  • go to js\contact.js
  • go to line 62. Change the “#contact_form” to “#contacts”
  • $.post(theme_template_dir+"/send_email.php", $("#contacts").serialize(),function(result){
  • go to line 66. Change “#button” to “#send_message”.
  • 	 $('#send_message').remove();

    All set!!

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    4 Comments to “Corporattica Theme: Can’t Send Email Bug Fixed”

    1. tim says:


      Thanks for your wonderful theme. I like it very much
      Have just little issue with wp stats. WP Stats does not count hits. My hosting says me that the themes footer.php is interfering with WP stats script that tries to hooks to the wp_footer() function . They suggested me to delete your themes footer.php but if I do so then what will happen? Is there any solution for that? Thanks!

      admin Reply:

      no, you can not remove wp_footer.php. it is part of the wordpress theme. There must be other ways to us wp_stats.

    2. Fleep Tuque says:

      I am using the latest version of the Corporattica theme and though the fix you listed above is included in this version, the Contact form is still not working for me. :(

      admin Reply:

      hi, please check with your hosting provider that the mail() function is enabled