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Corporattica Theme Installation Guide

March 14, 2011 at 5:22 pm | Blog | 101 comments


If you are a web designer or a freelancer who wants to have a website, the corporattica is extremely suitable for your case. If you are a newbie to wordpress, don’t be afraid, i am gonna give you a step by step installation guide on using this corporattica theme. It is easy to follow, you will find it really simple. If you have already used Aurelius, you will find this one is even easier, and more flexible than Aurelius. Ok, Are your ready? Let’s rock with corporattica.


First of all, you have a wordpress blog installed. Coporattica is designed for wordpress up to 3.0, as it takes advantages of the new features like menu, custom post etc. If you are using old versions of wordpress, please upgrade to 3 first, or download the latest wordpress from the official website wordpress.org.Then follow wordpress’s famous one click installation steps to install the blog.

Then, you have to download the theme: corporattica from my website: from theme category or from download category. Once you get the theme, unzip it into your wordpress theme folder, and the structure is like “{your wordpress dir}\wp-content\themes\Corporattica”. login wordpress site with your admin account and go to Appearance->Themes. do you see “Corporattica”? Awesome, the new theme is installed successfully. Just activate the newly installed theme and be ready to start configuring your website with Corporattica!!

Start with Home Page

The home page is designed as a custom post type. As you may see there is a new post type: “Home Page” in the left side navigation besides the ordinary wordpress types. Add a new element for the home page by clicking “Add New”, and select “Introduction” or “bits” section for your need.

1. Welcome Section

See the screenshot for introduction section. this section is designed to let you have a brief introduction on the corporation or the website.

2. Bits Section

And add a new element for bits section on the home page, which displayed under the introduction section. It is better to add three bits, as it is a three column layout. Please note, you can add photos in the “image for posts” custom fields. and it thumb nails are generated automatically in the home page. so don’t worry about the size.

Add Posts to Categories

There are four predefined categories in this theme: blog, featured, portfolio, uncategorized. They are predefined, as there are specific templates for them.

1. Featured post

let’s add featured post, which will be displayed on the home page slideshow. (see the screenshot) Please note that the image you want to show in the slideshow should be larger than 960×340 in width x height if you can not make exactly the same. And keep the image size small. If a picture is larger than 1M, it is really slow to load, the performance will very bad. So the jpg format is preferred.

2. Blog post

Add blog post is really straight forward. input everything the title, the post, and check on “blog” category. that’s it!!

You don’t have to upload images on the right custom field, as it is not used.If you want to show the post on the featured slide show too, then add a image url in that field, and check on featured category too.

3. Portfolio post

Add portfolio post is also similar, except for some additional custom fields.

Add Pages

You can add as many pages as you want. But if you want to use contact form, you have to add a page named contact: see screen shot

please note: the name matters!! but the lower case or up case is fine. but just make sure it is a “contact”!

Add Menus

As I have stated that the corporattica theme takes full advantage of custom menu, it is much more user friendly and flexible.

Go to Menus in the Appearance section on the left side navigation bar. Add two menus for your site: the primary menu and the footer menu. add whatever categories or pages to each menu. see the screenshot for more details

assign your newly created menus to theme locations: the primary menu is located in the banner, while the footer menu just as the name indicated on the footer.

Add Sidebar

Finally, you can add sidebars to each page. The corporattica is designed with three different sidebars for different pages: the home page sidebar, the contact page sidebar and the right sidebar which is for all other blogs and pages.

Go to the Appearance, and select Widgets. Drag whatever widgets you want to the specific sidebar. See the screenshot for reference.


Click preview to check out your website. How do you like it? :-)

Are these steps too complicated? Fine, there are three other simpler but expensive ways:

1. Import everything from my demo site

wordpress support export and import from another wordpress functionality. So you can get a copy of my demo site data file and import to your site. Everything is there, and you just need to do some customization. However it is not free, it will cost you 1$.

2. Import everything from my demo site from sql

As everything is stored in the mysql database, you can grab an exported sql database from me. and replace the url to yours and import to your database. And you also need to do some customization. it will cost you 1$ too.

3. Ask me for help. I will setup the site for you

Ok, this is the easiest way. You just send me an email, and then everything is ready. Ok, but it will cost you 20$.

Any way, I hope you can take care all of it by yourself. Of course, i am also glad to help.

If you still have any questions, please feel free to comments or send me an email.

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101 Comments to “Corporattica Theme Installation Guide”

  1. admin says:

    Hi magnus

    Yes, you can change the home page to a normal pages or posts.

    1. delete the home.php file in the theme. (or just change the file name to anything else)
    2. in your admin dashboard, select the “reading” menu in the settings section. select a page or post for your front page.

    Hope it helps.