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Corporattica Theme: Version 0.2

September 20, 2011 at 5:48 pm | Announcement, Blog, Download, Featured, Theme | 66 comments


First of all, thank you all like this theme. And I also received a lot emails complaining that this theme is not so friendly to wordpress plugins. There are thousands of plugins in the wordpress community, and most of them are very helpful to the wordpress users. So a rule of thumb for a good wordpress theme should be plugin friendly besides the design (of course, design is also the major rule to choose a theme).

In the new version, i fixed this significant issue by including the wp_head() call in the header.php. Besides this, the issues mentioned in the prior blogs like
1. security issue in timthumb script
2. sending email issues
are all fixed in this new version (actually the v0.1 also includes these fixing)

The download url is

corporattica v0.2 (Size 543.7 kB)

This release is more like a bug fix release, there is no design changes. So please refer to the old version for features and credits and installation guide.

V0.1 http://pengbos.com/blog/a-new-free-premium-wordpress-theme-corporattica-is-ready

Installation Guide: http://pengbos.com/blog/corporattica-theme-installation-guide

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66 Comments to “Corporattica Theme: Version 0.2”

  1. Sorry I just try to change the header, “bloginfo(‘name’)” change to img src=”http://myurl/wp-content/uploads…. .jpg , but it’s appears like this

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting ‘,’ or ‘;’ in /home/alltrav2/public_html/travelinbali.net/wp-content/themes/corporattica/header.php on line 67

    pleas help tks

    admin Reply:

    no, it is an html tag <img src=”your image url” />

    Travel in Bali Reply:

    Thanks Admin, I got it.. but how if i want to change the dark grey header into another colour.. thanks for help , ( sorry I’m newbie)

    admin Reply:

    the background is an image, you need to change the color of these images.

    Travel in Bali Reply:

    I got it .. thanks

  2. Tom says:

    Hi, I came accross this template and am playing with it. Great work by the way. I have a few questions which would make this template PERFECT :)

    1. How do I customize what goes to sidebar and is it possible to customize different sidebars for different pages? I would like pictures and info to be on the sidebars.

    2. Also about Contact us Page. I find it a bit bare and there is no space for entering the address, phone, name etc. In this case a sidebar addition is a must. I tried to add the text before the form but it did not show up. Is there any other possibility?

    3. How do I remove side bar items from secondary pages – now I have Categories, Archives, Blogrol (I guess this ties wtih the question 1)?

    4. I know that WP usually have search function. Can this be inserted in the header in the top right corner?

    Thank you,


    Bianca Reply:

    Hi there, I also hope someone can tell how to customize the sidebar? I would like to have polls there, twitter posts loaded, and pics, quotes from the articles on the page etc.

    Since this site is a Corporattica hence corporate it seems very inapropriate to have there archives and other personal wp things. Also it looks very unprofessional.



    Bianca Reply:


    Read the instruction when nothing helps. It is in Widget section so things can be added. I have however added Twitter and Simple Image widgets and it looks great!


  3. Robert says:

    Is there a way to add page navigation beneath the posts. When I indicate in the admin section to see 5 posts on my blog, I only see these 5. But there is no link or page navi to see the other published posts.
    Isn’t this supported by the theme yet? Or did I overlook something in the control panel?

    Robert Reply:

    I already figured this out myself. If anyone is facing the same problem:
    1) Install the Pagenavi plugin and activate it
    2) Search for the following code in the category.php:
    ‘next’, ‘previouspagelink’ => ‘ « ‘, ‘nextpagelink’ => ‘ »’)); ?>
    3) Replace it with the following code:

    4) Save and Done!

  4. ivan says:

    Hi,i install the theme, but the slider does not show images only appears loading, any idea that can be?

    Sorry for the Spanglish :)

    admin Reply:

    hi, most probably, it is related to the timthumb script. could you provide url? i can take a look.

  5. Bianca says:

    Hi, I would also like to make all the pictures clickable to the link in the bit. Can you please send or post the code?



  6. marty says:


    Great theme – thank you. Problem – i find both the top menu AND the Website title do not appear in Internet Explorer (version 9 , i think). They appear fine in firefox and chrome

    any idea’s why? Do i have to have a logo for them to appear correctly?



    admin Reply:

    please use the version 0.2, don’t use version 0.1

  7. Andrea says:

    Thank you!!!