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How To Create A Multi Language WordPress Site

October 20, 2012 at 11:00 am | Blog | 1 comment


Recently, I had a chance to help a friend create a multi language wordpress site. And he suggested using a wordpress plugin named qTranslate. And actually i found it was very easy to use, so i want to share with you.

Warning: this plugin will add tags to your wordpress contents.

First, you can download the plugin from the wordpress plugin repository with a correct version. and save it into your /wp-content/plugins/ folder. or you can install it from the wordpress dashboard. Then activate the plugin.

and then, go to the settings page of this plugin. You can enable or disable languages for your need. in my friends case, he needs both English and Chinese for his site. So i disabled the Deutsch.

In the settings page, you can also upload your own language if you found your desired language was not listed. You can also select one of 3 Modes to make your URLs pretty and SEO-friendly for the other language.

You can add contents with other languages for posts,pages, and even custom post types.
input the title for different languages, and switch between the language tabs to input the content accordingly.

Also translate your category name to other languages

If you are using a theme implemented with a customizable menu(all themes from Pengbos are using customizable menus). Then the menus should also have multi language versions.
From the menu configuration panel, you will see that the pages are displayed as


actually, these tags are the magic to display multiple language content. This is the trick this plugin doing on your content to achieve multi language. it adds the tag to your English label, to your french label and so on, so the plugin can switch between different languages with the correct version.

You may notice that the category names are not added with tags, so you should add these tags by yourself to achieve multi language. for example


it adds french version to the category name. so it will display the french name in the menu when switch to French.

And finally, we need to add multiple language to sidebars. for side bars, if you use text widgets in your site,there is not UI for you to add other languages, so we have to add tags by ourselves. like this:

you can add the “qTranslate language chooser” widget to your side bar as well, so user can switch between your different languages.

Here is the multi language website using my corporatica wordpress theme (customized version).

English version

and switch to Chinese version

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One Comment to “How To Create A Multi Language WordPress Site”

  1. annabellemcgowannl says:

    WPML -> creates a lot of extra tables in a complex database structure and is associated with a translating service. In the top of that, the plugin does a lot more than juts adding the multi language support and claims itself as a cms solution for wordpress… I like plugin that do only one thing very well done.