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New Version of Slick Sitemap Plugin

August 9, 2015 at 11:50 pm | Announcement, Blog | 2 comments


I am pleased to announce that the new version of sitemap plugin is available now in the wordpress plugin market place.

The new version enhanced the functionality of supporting shortcode attribute to specify the menu, utility menu, and column to use.

originally, user has to select a menu, a utility menu, and column in the “Settings” in the dashboard. Now those selection is still there, but not mandatory anymore. which means, if you select the menu, utility menu, or column in the dashboard, those selection will be the default setup for your sitemap. You can override by specifying the attributes in the shortcode like this:

 [slick-sitemap sitemap_menu='sitemap' utility_menu='utility' column=5]

using the shortcode to specify the menu to use, enable the user to create as many sitemaps as they want, by simply set the different menus in the shortcode.

 [slick-sitemap sitemap_menu='anothersitemap' utility_menu='utility' column=5]

User also is not necessary to specify all the values in the short code, if they have default values set up in the dashboard.

for example, only change the sitemap menu, but have the others the same as default values:

 [slick-sitemap sitemap_menu='anothersitemap']

The new version is more flexible for users. If you have any questions, please leave comments bellow.

my own website is also using the same plugin, please check it out here:Sitemap

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2 Comments to “New Version of Slick Sitemap Plugin”

  1. Hi, I just wanted to thank you for this brilliant plugin! We use it to display a new website’s sitemap to new clients without all the extra stuff so that we can agree on the pages and posts that they need, and your plugin is perfect for the job!

    One option that would make the plugin even better would be an option to show a secondary menu structure at the bottom of the sitemap, similar to your current utility menu setup. We normally place all the legal pages in a footer menu, and there is no way to display that to clients at the moment. Is there any way that you could add something like that in a future version? TIA.


    admin Reply:

    Thanks Terry, it is my pleasure that the plugin helps