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The Power of WordPress Text Widget

November 19, 2010 at 5:09 pm | Blog | 2 comments


wordpress users may search plugins for poll, google adsense, image slides, ads box and so on day to day. Actually wordpress itself is equipped with very powerful widgets. The Text widget is one of them, which is always underestimated by users. In this post, i will introduce some tips on how to take advantage of Text widget to add google adsense, poll to the side bar without a plugin.

the precondition is that, your wordpress theme supports widgets.

It is really quite easy to add a text widget in the backend, got to the “Widgets” in the Appearance menu.

then, drag and drop the Text widget into the siderbar box.

in the open the text widget, and input your google adsense code into the text box. and click save.
The Text widget support HTML code as well as normal text. Especially, you can see here that it supports javascript too. which means you can input HTML with javascript into the text box, and the wordpress will embedded the source code.

See the final result:

It is also the same to use the text widget to add poll with daddy poll to the sidebar, to add image slides etc. It is easy and simple, you can accomplish the task without searching a plugin.

please note: this method is not applicable to wordpress blogs run on WordPress.com, as it is a type of shared environment. Users are not allowed to post JavaScript on WordPress.com blogs, pages, or text widgets.

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2 Comments to “The Power of WordPress Text Widget”

  1. Korilynn says:

    I have tried this method and when I click “save” the html disappears and ads do not show on my site.

    admin Reply:

    Hi Korilynn

    If you are using wordpress hosted by wordpress.com, they are not allowed to input javascript.

    You have to host the wordpress by yourself.

    I tried to input the javascript in another blog: tangpb.wordpress.com. and it indeed does not support javascript.

    are you in the same senario?