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Theme Installation Guide: How to Use Dawn

July 15, 2012 at 7:34 am | Blog | 5 comments


All most of my themes follow “convention over configuration” rule, however it is simple but lacks of flexibility. Dawn is the first theme using the configuration options. It makes the theme easy to customize. Here is the step by step theme installation guide:


You have the wordpress (version 3.0 or higher) installed.
You have downloaded the dawn theme
upload the dawn theme to your wordpress theme folder, and enable the theme.

Step 1:

create posts as desired. for each post, please select one or more categories for it. For each post, please also upload a featured picture for it.

upload the picture from your local folder or from the media library. You will see a link at the bottom: “use as featured image”

after insert the featured image, you will see there is an image attached to the post, and click publish button to publish the post.

Step 2:

Create pages as desired. Posts are organized by categories, but pages are independent. There are three page template: Default template, Full Width template, Contact template. The default page template has a sidebar, the full width page template has no siderbar and the contact page template will have a ready to use contact form. Please select one template for the page. Same to post, you can add featured image for page as well.

Step 3:

Now, configure the home page. Go to the “Dawn Theme Options” page in the “Appearance” Tool. There are 5 options for user to configure:

1. logo: user is able to upload his/her logo through a meida upload button.
2. Welcome Page: in the home page, there is section near the bottom at which user is able to select a page to display. the image showing beside the article is the featured image attached to that page.
3. Slide Category: the sliders post in the home page are queried from the category configured by this option.
4. Blog Category: blogs in the Carousel section in the home page can be configured at this option.
5. Portfolio Category: this is for the portfolio category, it will use a different layout for the posts in that category.

Step 4:

Configure the menu.
Dawn takes advantage of the configurable menu from wordpress v3.0. So it is easy to control what to show.

Step 5:

Configure the sidebars.
There are three kinds of sidebars:
1. Contact Page sidebar: the sidebar for contact page, user can put contact information, address etc to this sidebar
2. Page Sidebar: the sidebar for single page or single post.
3. Right Sidebar: the default sidebar for other pages.

Yes, it is easy but powerful. only 5 steps to setup a website! Any questions or comments please leave comments.

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5 Comments to “Theme Installation Guide: How to Use Dawn”

  1. Mohd says:

    Hi,it is very nice theme. But I have problem with diaplsy in Internet Explorer 8. Themes dispaly correctly in Firefox or Opera. In IE is problem.Do you have same problem? How I can fix this?

    admin Reply:

    i have not IE 8 installed, so i did not notice that. Could you please show me by a screenshot?

  2. Allyson says:

    I have two problems.

    1- I wanted to use this theme with a static page and the slider at the same time on index page, but it seems that the theme can’t do that.
    I thought this theme had slider separated from the posts.

    2- Special symbols or character (for exemple ‘, ^, ~) doesn’t appears on Menu.

    anyone knows how can I solve these problems?

    admin Reply:


    for your first question, what do you mean by using a static page with the slider? if you want to use a static page, then it depends on you to implement the slider, right?

    for your second question, you can disable Cufon font javascript to show those special symbols.