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WordPress Website Redirect to a Russian Domain .ru

December 26, 2015 at 8:57 pm | Blog | No comment


When I typed in my website’s URL in my cell phone, it was redirected to a Russian domain: osta-x.ru, and then it again redirected to some “erotic websites” which contained adults only contents. I immediately realized that my website was hijacked. I tried the same in my laptop, it worked perfectly. I found out that my hosting server was again invaded by some malicious opponents. The .htaccess files were injected with a piece of redirect rule.

to clean it up is easy, you search all the .htaccess files in your public folders. if you find it was modified with some redirect rule to a Russian domain ended with “.ru”. you should either delete it or modify it back.

1. to delete the file, if the file’s size is like 6.2k, which means there was nothing else than a redirect rule to the ill-purposed website.

2. modify the file, if the file was injected with the redirect. You have to remove the injected the redirect rule at the beginning of the file, and restore it back to the original content.

If you are a victim of such injection. may this blog help.

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