Indonesian is one of the most widely-spoken languages in the world

With over 245 million inhabitants, Indonesia is currently the fourth most populous country in the world. It has constantly been recognized as a top tourist destination because of its intriguing culture and breathtaking sites.

The Indonesian language (sometimes referred to as Bahasa) is extensively used by its citizens, as well as by other nationalities. A rough estimate would be about hundreds of millions of first and second level speakers worldwide. It stands to reason that learning Indonesian will lead to immense possibilities.

  • Intensify Your Cultural Experience

Indeed, there is no better way of immersing yourself into the awe-inspiring Indonesian culture than by learning how to speak the language.

Your travels might one day lead you to Indonesia; being able to speak the language is one of the most useful things you can equip yourself with. From being able to converse with locals, to satisfying your taste for traditional cuisine, and even becoming intentionally lost among the dynamic streets, your Bahasa will help you experience more than the usual tourist.

Experiencing Indonesia does not have to mean flying all the way out to the country. You can learn just as much by picking up a book written in Bahasa and be completely enthralled in the magnificence of Indonesian literature. In addition, English is widely spoken in Indonesia and many Indonesian speakers learn English and irregular verbs in English on a daily basis.

  • Make Fascinating Friends

Learning a new language means widening the expanse of your ability to meet new people.

You could be able to meet native Indonesians and converse with them in their native tongue, completely minus the fear of miscommunication. You could even encounter someone like you who just wanted to learn Bahasa and get to know each other by speaking in your newly acquired language. Doesn’t that sound like a more interesting way of having your first conversation?

  • Open Your Doors To international Career Opportunities

With competition now occurring on a global scale, the ability to speak Bahasa will definitely bring an advantage.